The Competition

The Worldwide Champions
TimeMarc-André DenaultSt-JeromeRebel 22014-09-0798.9 s
DistanceMarc-André DenaultZephyrhillsJedei 22015-03-274.947 km
SpeedTravis MickleZephyrhillsFoghead2015-01-27314.9 km/h
Speed-SkydivingMoritzGünzburgn/a2014-05-31469.0 km/h

How does it work?

Paralog® Performance Competition is a platform to upload, share and compare GPS tracks of your wingsuit flights.

All uploaded tracks are scored in the three worldwide performance ranking categories:


Time: the longest freefall time for a vertical distance of 1000 m

Distance: the greatest distance covered over a vertical distance of 1000 m

Speed: the greatest average horizontal speed over a vertical distance of 1000 m

How do I enter?

You can participate in the worldwide performance ranking if you are a wingsuit flyer and have access to a GPS. After your flight, download your track with Paralog® to upload your track to the competition site.

What do I need

Paralog® is used to download the tracks from your GPS, evaluate them and submit the results to the PPC web site:

  1. Download and install the trial version of Paralog®.
  2. Download the track from your GPS to Paralog®.
  3. Click the 'Submit to PPC' button in the toolbar.
  4. Edit your details as necessary; 'Equipment' being your wingsuit.
  5. Click 'OK'.

To view the 3D tracks of the flights, you need the Google Earth Plugin installed and enabled on your Computer.