The Competition

The Worldwide Champions
TimeHelmut TackeMarlApache X2013-09-0191.7 s
DistanceScott CallantineElsinoreX-Bird2012-11-104.007 km
SpeedScotty BurnsElsinoreApache X2012-11-10287.8 km/h

How does it work?

PPC is a platform to upload, share and compare GPS tracks of your wingsuit flights.

All uploaded tracks are scored in the three worldwide performance ranking categories:


Time: the longest freefall time for a vertical distance of 1000 m

Distance: the greatest distance covered over a vertical distance of 1000 m

Speed: the greatest horizontal achieved over a vertical distance of 1000 m

How do I enter?

You can participate in the worldwide performance ranking if you are an experienced wingsuit flyer, have access to a GPS to record your flights and to the software Paralog. After your flight, download your track with Paralog, then upload your track to the competition site.

What do I need

Paralog is used to download the tracks from your GPS, evaluate them and transmit the results to PPC.

Note: Due to misuse of the unregistered upload, we had to restrict uploads to credible sources.

To upload your track to the competition website using Paralog:

  1. Download the track from your GPS.
  2. Click the 'Submit to PPC' button in the toolbar.
  3. Edit your details as necessary. 'Equipment' should be your wingsuit.
  4. Click 'OK'.

To view the 3D tracks of the flights, you need Google Earth installed on your Computer.