Since 2008, Paralog Performance Competition is the cloud-based platform to upload, share and compare your GPS tracks of Wingsuit Performance Flights and for judging Wingsuit Performance Competitions.

The Online Challenge

All tracks uploaded to this site are automatically scored in the three performance categories and entered into the online ranking:


Time: the longest freefall time for a vertical distance of 1000 m

Distance: the greatest distance covered over a vertical distance of 1000 m

Speed: the greatest average horizontal speed over a vertical distance of 1000 m

The Champions

All tracks uploaded to this site are automatically entered into the worldwide ranking. The current champions out of 10,700+ submitted tracks are:

TimeMarc-André DenaultCANSt-JérômeRebel 22014-09-0798.9 s
DistanceAlexey GaldaUSARochelleCR+2016-10-235.996 km
SpeedJoe RidlerUSARochelleCR+2016-10-23374.8 km/h


Since 2004, Paralog has been used to judge Wingsuit Performance Competitions. In 2008, the Paralog Performance Competition added online real-time judging and online sharing of the results.

Paralog and the Paralog Performance Competition have a proven track record of 12 years of supporting and developing Wingsuit Performance Flying with 80+ succesfully judged competitons and 10,700+ processed Wingsuit Performance Flights.

This expertise was recognized in 2015 by the IPC by adopting the rules developed by and for the Paralog Performance Competition as the official international rules for Wingsuit Performance Flying and by choosing Paralog and the Paralog Performance Competition web site as the official judging system.

Please contact us for further details if you are interested in organising an event.

How can I Participate?

Every Wingsuit flyer with access to a GPS can participate in the Online Challenge. After your flight, download your track with Paralog and upload your track to the competition site. Both the free trial and the reistered version of Paralog can be used for this.

  1. Download and install the trial version of Paralog.
  2. Download your GPS track with Paralog.
  3. Click the 'Submit to PPC' button in the toolbar.
  4. Edit your details as necessary.
  5. Click 'OK'.